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Scenario Training

Scenario training is very important aspect of training. It is here that everything is put together under as close to actual conditions as possible. Team members not involved in the operation should not say anything until the discussion phase. Prior to the operation a scenario is made up, any dummies that need to be placed in the water is done before the rescue team arrives. Witness should be coached as to how to act and what information to give out. Victims can be divers or dummies. The rescuers must assess the situation, formulate a plan and then execute it. After the dive, everyone should discuss what was observed.

Witnesses make or break the scenario drill. Try to use team members, but EMS personnel, Firefighters or police officers make good witnesses as most have done disaster drills before. Try to use drunk witnesses, and hysterical family members. Coach them well on what to say and do and be sure to remind them not to give out too much information that is not asked for.

Scenarios can be as complex or as simple as the one making it up wishes. Sometimes the simplest is the hardest due the fact that the rescuers read too much into it. Scenario drills should follow a simple format:

SET UP: Take turns deciding on a situation and setting up. Give everyone a turn.

THE DRILL: Anyone not involved in the drill should not make any comments until afterward. Every team member should be present to observe and be active in the discussion phase.

THE DISCUSSION: Discuss everything that went on good and bad. Have all observers make comments and state their opinions, even if they are not team members. Sometimes it works to your advantage to have outsiders watch and comment on the scenario drill. These people can be fire, police, or EMS observers. Remember these are learning drills to see where training may need to be increased. There is always room for improvement, and you should learn from every drill.


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