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Dive Site Work Sheets & Check List

This is the place to come for Dive Site Work Sheets.We are always trying to find ways to make things easier and better for field work, If you have any ideas or suggestions send them to us. We have standardized the dive site briefing for rapid and precise use. We will have download copies available in PDF very soon.

 Rapid Dive Site Briefing
  • The Rapid Dive Site Briefing is used when time is short and speed is essential. Even in a quick attack the team must be organized. The Rapid Dive Site Briefing will maintain order in an otherwise confusing situation by going over the reason and planning of the operation.

 Dive Site Quick Check List
  • The Dive Site Quick Check List may be used with either the dive site briefing and is most useful for rapid deployment. Remember a check must be preformed at all operations - even if divers are all ready in the water. A Site Quick Check can stop accidents before they happen. The Dive Site Check List is for Diver and Personnel safety.

 Diver Equipment Check
  • The Diver Equipment Check should be preformed on all divers entering the water, even in rapid rescue mode. Don't sacrifice diver safety for a few seconds of time. Remember when the team trains regularly this check will only take seconds.

  Complete Dive Site Briefing
  • The Complete Dive Site Briefing is used when the Team is not in rescue mode. It is mostly used in training, where time is not essential. However the Complete Dive Site Briefing makes an great way to make a report of the operation for your records and can be used as a post mortum.

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