Massachusetts Dive Teams

Fitchburg Fire Department Dive Rescue Team
  • Type of Team: Fire Dpt.

  • Address: 33 North Street  Fitchburg, Massachusetts  01420

  • Phone: 978-345-9660  Contact: Mark Bowers

  • Jurisdiction: District 8A North Worcester County, Special call to other areas

The Salem Police Department's Rescue and Recovery Dive Team
  • The Salem Police Department's rescue and recovery dive team has been in operation for more than twelve years and is the only organized police dive team north of Boston. The team has had specialized training that includes underwater evidence gathering, search and recovery, rescue, photography and deep diving. They have also received training from the underwater criminal investigators in Fredricksburg, VA., The Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, and U.S. military training. Police divers train jointly with the special forces combat divers.

  • The dive team is trained and equipped with both wet and dry suits. They are issued beepers and are on twenty four hour call. All divers are full time police officers and must pass military physical fitness and swim standards. Mandatory training is monthly and year round.

  • Web Site: Salem PD Dive Team

Sterling Public Safety Divers, Sterling Fire Department, Company C
  • Sterling, Massachusetts

Worcester Fire Department
  • Contact Person: FF Thomas Creamer (508) 799-1798

  • The team is made up of 16 divers, four in each working shift. The divers are all Certified Public Safety Dive Rescue Specialists and are also trained in air bag lift operations, crime scene recovery, swift water rescue and recovery, and under ice rescue. The scuba truck is a former city ambulance that was converted by members of the Department for the team. The department also has a 13 foot Boston Whaler boat and has hard wire communications for the divers.

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