Patrick Muldowney,  EMT-P, PA, PhD
  • Our Training Director who has over 30 years diving experience. He has been a Divemaster since 1974 and an Instructor since 1979. Graduated from the Houston Texas Fire Academy in 1979. Graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch as a Physician Assistant in 1992. Is certified as a Diver Medic and Diver Medical Technologist for hyperbaric chamber operations and commercial dive accident management. Currently with the University of Texas Mdical Branch and has worked at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas in the Emergency Room, a Level - One Trauma Center on the Gulf of Mexico, for over six years. He is a NAUI Instructor and PADI Master Instructor. A former member of the U.S. Army Rangers and a former Houston Firefighter and Paramedic who has worked in heavy rescue and HAZ-MAT while serving in HFD. He has taught numerous classes in professional rescue as well as sport diver rescue classes.

Kevan Corson, DMT
  • Our Hyperbaric Advisor and a Course Instructor. Formally the Technical Director of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Hyperbaric Facility. He headed the University of Texas Medical Branch Hyperbaric Medicine training or DIVER MEDIC TECHNOLOGIST. He has vast experience in the treatment of diver with the bends and blow ups.

S.A. Bergman, M.D., PhD
  • Our Chief Medical Advisor. Specialized in Aerospace and Occupational Medicine. He holds the highest FFA Flight Surgeon rating. Formerly with NASA and Medical Director of Sky Lab. Formerly Chief Medical Officer of Shell Oil, British Petroleum and Penzoil.

Bruce Talbot
  • Houston Firefighter and Divemaster of  over 20 years. He has taught many rescue courses and is an expert in survival and rescue improv. He makes it happen. Our Course Beachmaster.

Dan Patrick
  • Diving for over 20 years and is a PADI Master Instructor.

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