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Need To Know The Weather? 


BoatTalk:  The Most Complete Boating Information Site We Have Found.

Commercial Diving  

Deep Tech - Canadian Commercial Diving Industry  The purpose of the website is to create a forum where commercial diving activities in Canada is showcased. It deals with items of safety, education, regulations and other matters of importance to the commercial diving industry.

Dive Agencies  

NACD National Association of Cave Diving

NAUI: National Association of Underwater Instructors

PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors

SSI: SCUBA School International

YMCA SCUBA: YMCA where SCUBA certification started!

Dive Organizations and Clubs

DEMA - The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association

Houston Underwater Club

Handicapped Scuba Association International

SeaSpace The Greatest Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Adventure Travel Exposition

Texas Gulf Coast Dive Clubs


Brownie Third Lung



DiversDirect - Formerly Performance Diver, A good source of quality equipment at great prices

Divers-Supply - An On-Line Dive Shop

Divers Warehouse:  Address: 4042 Hwy 17 (Business) City: Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 29576

Diving Equipment & Marketing Association

Harvey's Dive Suits Advanced Design Wet Suits, Dry Suits, Neoprene SCUBA Diving Accessories in Stock and Custom Sizes - Harvey's Skin Diving Wet Suits - Product Index

Official Dive Gear Page Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturers

Performance Diver Online : A good source for quality equipment at a reasonable price.

ScubaMarket Scubamarket - The largest scuba diving store on-line.

Sherwood Scuba Equipment

U.S. Divers The oldest diving company in the United States which makes just about every SCUBA product you could desire. USD also has a full;l line of commercial products and firefighting equipment as Survive-Air. Check out their online wish-book. The Dealer Locator will help you find a store in your area, be it the United States or any of 62 other countries.

Dive Rescue Teams  

Association of APBA Affiliated Rescue Teams   - APBAART is an organization that supplies rescue services to the American Power Boat Association at APBA sanctioned races.

911 Fire Police EMS Web

Hyperbaric Medicine  

Divers Alert Network DAN an infromation center for diving accidents.

University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston, Texas Conducting treatment and research in hyperbaric medicine. Also Chamber Operator and Offshore Diver Medic Courses.

News and Current Events  

The Cato Institute: Public Policy Analysis

Firehouse Magazine: The Premier Home of Firefighters and Rescue personnel  News from the Fire Service

Fox News Fox Network News America's News Page

Reagan.Com The Reagan Information Interchange

Rush Limbaugh "Rush is Right" The other side of the story.  America's #1 Show

Undercurrent  Undercurrent: Scuba Diving for Serious Divers, Reviews Dive Resorts and Scuba Diving Equipment

World Net Daily - A Free Press for a Free People

Misc. Diving Sites  

Deep Diversions: The Divers' Domain - This forum for scuba-diving aficionados houses scuba-related topics, destinations, resorts and operators, info on gear, classified ads, a photo gallery, a message board, surveys and contests.

The Reef Houston, Texas 40ft Deep Springfed Lake Just 10 min South of the Astrodome

SCUBA DUBA  Scuba Duba is web site devoted to SCUBA diving with links and info. Check Them Out for general information and more diving links.

Scuba Search  A place to find Scuba related WebSites, Services or Products. Before you dive in, scuba diving search engine built by divers for divers!

Undercurrent Undercurrent: Scuba Diving for Serious Divers, Reviews Dive Resorts and Scuba Diving Equipment

Underwater Photography - Roxanne & Doug Hook

World Diving Zone  The Guide for Scuba Diving Enthusiasts


Dive Cozumel Cozumel, Mexico - Scuba diving Cozumel with Flash's Adventures Dive Shop

Dive Maui Dive Maui Scuba Diving and Snorkeling tours a Hawaii Dive Shop

National Park Service The One Stop Travel Spot

Utah Diving Utah Scuba Diving What Will They Think of Next?


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