Every Dive Rescue Team must drill, and preplan for all operations in which they will be undertaking. Training is divided into four phases: INSTRUCTION - POOL TRAINING - OPEN WATER TRAINING and SCENARIO TRAINING. Foremost is INSTRUCTION. This is not only first but also last, in of any operation. Foremost the Team must learn what to do, this is initial instruction or training. In the final phase the team learns from it mistakes and achievements. Every member must be involved in this instructional phase as it is where new ideas are discussed and old ideas are reviewed. POOL TRAINING is the second phase. In the pool the team works on proficiency of water operations in a controlled environment. During OPEN WATER TRAINING the team puts into operation all the techniques learned in the pool and classroom. Finally SCENARIO TRAINING is putting everything together under a controlled set of circumstances where the team attempts to conduct training as close to real as possible. This phase is where it is learned if such or such technique works for a given area or situation. It is this trial and error situation training that eliminates screw ups at an actual scene.

Training is predicting everything that will occur in an actual situation going hand and hand with scenario training. In preplanning the team journeys to every possible dive site to get first hand knowledge of the environment for predetermining plans of attack. In training the Team practices these plans of attack at the area. The team should train to the point that there are no surprises. They should do night operations as well as day. They should dive on rainy days and in the winter, not just nice summer days. A dive rescue team must be ready to go 365 days a year.

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